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Leaving VS Staying

Relationships have stages, some are blissful and wonderful, and some are rocky and difficult.


The process of getting to know one another and keeping that spark alive is one of the most difficult challenges you will face. Just went you get to what you think is the summit of that mountain, there are more challenges ahead. What most people don’t realize is that a relationship is a marathon not a sprint. It is best to take your time, be intentional and course correct along the way.

We see couple facing immense pain everyday because they didn’t notice the little things, missed the nuances, and let negative behaviour and bad habits creep in. It is quite common for relationship to start strong, with fiery passion and then fizzle out as time goes on. This is typically a mixture of things, but what if I told you, you could be different, that you could have the cheat code that leads to a long, fiery, and deep love.

I know what your thinking, Sure but it won’t work for me, or I think we are too far gone, and even I don’t even care enough to try. I can assure you it will work for you, it will require work, and if you don’t correct your relationship issues now, you will find yourself in the same place with the next person. It is about bad habits and negative behaviours, once you address those the rest will be easier because you will have the skills needed to navigate the inevitable hurdles. Wouldn’t you much rather avoid the pain than continue to repeat the suffering over and over again.

Breakups and divorce are one of the most difficult times a person must endure, the loss of love, the loss of partnership, and most importantly the loss of hope. Maybe you don’t have to lose anything after all…

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Time for Change

Four times a year we offer group coaching session, this is a setting where you can learn skills and tactics to help your relationship flourish. You are joined by a small group of couples that are facing similar problems and you can learn together. This is a private and confidential setting where you can learn and grow for less than private coaching, in fact these sessions are less than the cost of your daily Starbucks order.

I know what your thinking, I don’t want to air my dirty laundry in a room full of strangers. You won’t have to these sessions are about learning and growing, you will not be expected to share intimate details of your unique situation, you will just be expected to participate and learn. However, if you wish to focus more on your personal unique situation, head over to our Private Coaching page.

Drifting away from your partner and don’t understand the real cause of your problems?
Weekly Group Coaching is the solution you’ve been looking for

“ Understood our journey”

“From the start it was an easier experience than anticipated. Eddy was great and understood our journey he help us navigate our struggles and differences with ease. We couldn’t be happier in our Marriage. Thank you to the Team of Life Awakening Coach”

Olga & Daniel P.

“Saved so much trouble if attend sooner”

“After 20 years of marriage with 2 children we were experiencing a hard time in our marriage and started thinking of separation. By the grace of God we stumbled on the Marriage workshop by Life Awakening Coach. I read the details and call their office to speak with a live person for more information. After speaking with Eddy for the first time I felt he knew what he was talking about in terms of the roller-coaster ride in Marriage. We took a leap of faith and attended the 2 days Marriage workshop. After deciding to get married attending the 2 days Marriage Workshop was the next best decision of our lives. “The best return on investment” is an understatement for all the values the 2 days provide for our marriage. We could have saved so much trouble if attend sooner or outright before our marriage. It is natural to be skeptical about buying anything online today but believe me this IS THE REAL DEAL If you want to save your marriage.”

Amelia & Lucas H.

“Game changer in our marriage journey”

“My soon-to-be father-in-law said he will give us his blessing conditional we attend premarital coaching. We found Life Awakening Coach online and scheduled just 1 months of sessions so we can get him off our back because we didn’t believe in Relationship coaching. We knew each other from high school loved each other and were sure we wouldn’t be part of the divorce rate. Gosh were we wrong, so much uncertainty came up in these sessions and uncomfortable conversation that was deeply needed too. After that month of coaching subsequently we decided to attend the 2 days Marriage workshop let me tell you this was a real game-changer in our marriage journey. Now we are so clear of what we want of our marriage and understand each at a different level most importantly we are equipped to overcome any challenges ahead as one unit.”

Sophia & Oliver W.

“Group Coaching is beneficial”

“The Group Coaching is beneficial and helps us focus on the growth of our relationship. I’m sure we will learn more in the incoming weeks.”

Farrah M. and Carlos G.

“Exceed my expectations”

“I’ve interviewed a good number of coaches before going with Eddy. Not only did Eddy exceed my expectations he also help me become a better woman as well understand my shortfall from my previous relationships.
Highly Recommended.”

Keneisha M.

“Will be surprised how good it is”

“You should attend this Group Coaching Session you will be surprised how good it is and how much better you will be equipped for your relationship. Thanks again Eddy.”

Alade S.

“Understanding my internal chatter”

“Thank you so much Eddy for the great guidance and clarification in understanding my internal mental chatter. Absolutely an amazing Group Coaching.”

Adebukola F.

“Have the seeking results wanted”

“Eddy is professional, knowledgeable and skilled Coach. He stands out as a coach because he is caring, compassionate and VERY passionate and wants to see the breaking down of the internal beliefs to have the seeking results wanted.”

Christine L.

Everyone deserves to know how to have a successful love life

Seating is Limited

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Have you reached the point where your relationship has no direction & meaning


You are not sure if you should stay or leave.


You’re arguing and fighting about the same issues.


You don’t feel respected.


You just don’t feel the “connection” anymore.


You don’t trust your partner.


You can’t communicate with your partner.

A Group Coaching session with an experienced relationship coach has proven results in resolving emotional issues for countless individuals and couples. Through understanding the real causes of your emotional issues, you can change negative patterns that are harmful and destructive. You can also regain emotional strength together with your partner which will facilitate better communication between you and enhance intimacy levels in your relationship which ultimately help you build trust and keep the relationship strong.

My name is Eddy St. Jean. I will give you a safe space where you can learn about your relationship or marriage and teach you priceless strategies that we guarantee you and your current or future partner will have a long, blissful life together. If you are unsure if group coaching is for you, I would like to offer you a complementary first step, book your breakthrough session now. You can change your love life by maximizing one hour of your day, sharing your feelings with a highly trained compassionate and caring professional. This is the next logical step in your relationship, don’t let it pass you be

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$495 / 8 weeks

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Meet your Relationship Coach

Eddy St Jean is a decorated Professional Speaker and Relationship Coach running a successful Private practice for the last 15 years.

He struggled for years in his love life. In his quest of trying to comprehend his relationship conflicts, things took a turn. They grew into a career that allowed him to assist couples in demystifying the challenges of Marriage & Relationships. The Solution Focused, Brief Coaching combined with a result-oriented approach is the bedrock of his practice, which has helped people all over.

As a certified facilitator of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, he trained at The Gottman Institute in Seattle. His knowledge compounded with life experiences has shaped him into the passionate Relationship Coach, dedicated to help you create and rebuild your Marriage & Relationship.

What do I get in this relationship group coaching?

You will learn

Why you're in your Relationship

How to deal with infidelity

Define boundary of respect

How to build trust

How to deepen your intimacy

Resolve conflicts easily

Communicate with "connection"

How to speak without using words

How to co-create a better future

The importance of "alone" time

How to break negative pattern behaviour

Much, much more

You will get

16 hours of live online in-depth group coaching

2-hour sessions

Personalized discussions

Safe and private place to express yourself

Opportunity to ask personal questions

Comfortable group (same people every week)

Special invitation to upcoming events at a discounted price

Recording of the meeting if you can't attend

Great Relationships are built
Start Rebuilding yours Immediately

Seatings are Limited

Our Next Session Starts

$495 / 8 weeks