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Are you dying in your relationship?

Think about it. Is it really a relationship if you are not happy anymore?

When you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship you may be looking for guidance and insight. Whether it is general differences, communication issues, negative patterns, addiction, abuse, or an affair, getting support from friends and family can be difficult, as most times they are also too close to the situation. When you’re dealing with something as sensitive as relationship issues, sometimes you don’t want friends and family coming up with their own opinion on what’s going on, and worse how you should handle it.

Relationships are special and can be very fulfilling, but they can also be hard to navigate.

A relationship breakdown is a major turning point in life. The consequences of the breakdown are very tricky and quite difficult to navigate. It may lead to depression, changes in quality of life, it may affect your health and most definitely impact your finances. You feel alone, misunderstood, confused, sad and angry, and that is just before lunch, leaving the rest of the day open for more negative emotions.

You’ve probably been feeling this tension for a long time. And it’s not getting better. It seems like your partner has changed somehow and the things that used to work just aren’t working any more.

Breakups and divorce are hard enough as it is, you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. You just need someone there for you – a professional that can focus on only what you are saying – without pushing their own agenda onto your situation.

Relationship coaching offers individuals and couples a confidential environment to work through issues in their relationship. It is important that any relationship coach you work with is a good fit for you, or you and your partner.


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At Life Awakening Coach, we provide confidential support to help you navigate this difficult time and assist you in healing and becoming the absolute best version of yourself. We are Gottman trained relationship coaches, meaning we are highly skilled in the art of relationships. We can help you find solutions to the issues that have arisen in your romantic life, so that you can once again find peace and happiness. Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, separated, going through a divorce, or have already finalized your divorce, Life Awakening Coach can help you move from where you are to where you wish to be so the next step in your life can be wonderfully refreshing and successful.

Private Personalized Sessions
will help you


Build Trust


Break Negative Patterns


Resolve Conflict Easily


Deepen your Intimacy


Strengthen your Relationship


Co-Create a Better Future

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Still not sure if Private Relationship Coaching is for you?

Hear what other amazing couples have to say about the changes we helped them make in their lives. 

“I finally understand”

“After Coaching with Eddy I finally understand the meaning behind the nonverbal queues of my husband because of that we have a much better marriage today. Thank you so much for helping declutter my bias and destructive habits. THANK YOU for saving my marriage.”

Almas B.

“Help us focus”

“We came to the session as “single” married individuals and finish as love birds again. If’s incredible how marriage can be demanding, Eddy has help us understand the true meaning of collaboration and focus on what is important for us and our family.”

Said R.

“I finally feel free”

“I have been in a relationship for 7 years and was never able to tell my boyfriend about my past. After only 2 months of coaching with Eddy, I was finally able to tell my boyfriend the true about my past without fear of losing my relationship. I carry that burthen for so long and now I finally feel free. Thank you so much for everything I will forever be grateful to you and what you have done for me.”

Christine G.

“We have learned so much”

“Very good experience on the Private sessions we have learn so much about ourself and each other. We will be attending Life Awakening Coach Marriage workshop once a year as a form of yearly “oil change” for our marriage. Thank you so much for everything.”

Dave J.

“Helped me to navigate”

“Eddy St-Jean is an excellent coach. He helped me to navigate through some very dark days when I went through my divorce and gave me the tools I needed to start over. Even if you believe that you can do it all, life has a way of reminding you that no man is an island. This is when a good coach like Eddy St-Jean comes into play to stands with you when you need a listening ear or some guidance.”

Valencia D.

“Seen a tremendous change”

“I had the chance to have a sit down with Eddy to talk about my life challenges and set up a plan of actions to take my journey to the next level of awareness and consciousness let me tell you I’ve seen a tremendous change in my behaviour ever since I applied Eddy’s recommendations thank you for this huge help you provided me with looking forward to booking my next appointment see you soon.”

Kerlin C.

“Exceed my expectations”

“I’ve interviewed a good number of coaches before going with Eddy. Not only did Eddy exceed my expectations he also help me become a better woman as well understand my shortfall from my previous relationships. Highly Recommended”

Keneisha M.

“Rebuilding broken relationships”

“I’ve been a client of Eddy’s for about 2 months now and my life has changed drastically over that time. In those 2 months, Eddy has helped me tear down poor/negative tendencies and habits, and start to build a strong mental and emotional foundation as well as help me get sober and stay sober. My personal life, career and my overall quality of life have all seen improvement. The Life Awakening Coach has empowered me and gotten me to really take notice of who I am and the person I want to be in crucial moments of my life. I’ve begun fixing and rebuilding broken relationships, strengthening current ones, and working to keep them that way. Although there is still lots of work to be done I’m positive with Eddy by my side I will achieve greatness and continue to enjoy my life.”

Sean M.

A private session with an experienced relationship coach have proven results in resolving emotional issues for countless individuals and couples. Through understanding the real causes of your emotional issues, you can change negative patterns that are harmful and destructive.

You can also regain emotional strength together with your partner which will facilitate better communication between you and enhance intimacy levels in your relationship which ultimately help you build trust and keep the relationship strong. My name is Eddy St. Jean. I will give you a safe space where you can share your deepest fears, desires and wishes about your relationship or marriage.

As part of my promise to you I would like to offer you a complementary first step, book your breakthrough session now. You can change your love life by maximizing one hour of your day, sharing your feelings with a highly trained compassionate and caring professional.

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Meet your Relationship Coach

Eddy St Jean is a decorated Professional Speaker and Relationship Coach running a successful Private practice for the last 15 years.

He struggled for years in his love life. In his quest of trying to comprehend his relationship conflicts, things took a turn. They grew into a career that allowed him to assist couples in demystifying the challenges of Marriage & Relationships. The Solution Focused, Brief Coaching combined with a result-oriented approach is the bedrock of his practice, which has helped people all over.

As a certified facilitator of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, he trained at The Gottman Institute in Seattle. His knowledge compounded with life experiences has shaped him into the passionate Relationship Coach, dedicated to help you create and rebuild your Marriage & Relationship.

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